Sunday, February 24, 2008

17,000 Days Ago

Over 17,000 days ago this picture was taken by my friend, Janet's mom. We are sitting in front of the flagpole at Kennedy Grade School where we attended school in NE Portland. It was 1961 and we were almost ready to start third grade. I believe it was about this time that Janet moved to Alaska. Perhaps this was taken before saying "goodbye" ... but I can't seem to remember.
Janet's mom gave this print to Kennedy McMenamins and it is hanging in the entryway near the main office. Even though they have transformed our old school ... the flagpole is still out front and much of the school's character has been restored. Such good memories ... nice remembering those who have been a part of my "history." Good to see this picture each time we visit McMenamins.
I was able to calculate the days by going to using the duration calculator. It's amazing to consider 17,000 days ago ...

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Anonymous said...

Aaahhh! to be a celebrity! Having your photo on the wall like they do at Sardi's in New York City? :)