Monday, October 27, 2008


I love to play with our photos using effects where the the subject is clear/focused and the background is blurred. Your eye catches what the photographer wants you to home in on. That pretty much describes my life since Saturday.
Five-year-old Ammie was admitted to Doernbecker Children's Hospital Saturday and had surgery that evening lasting in to the early morning hours to remove a tumor on her spinal column.
My days, my heart, mind, prayers have been focused on Ammie. Life ... my "background" seems blurred and out of focus. Things that seemed so important last week -- the economy, the election etc. -- all seems to fade away when compared to what Ammie is going through.
Ammie has always been special to us. She's our grandkids' cousin, she calls me "Grandma Karen," and every Christmas she gives me a new Barbie since we are both fans and I'm a collector : )
There has been an outpouring of love, support and prayers for the family. Right now we are waiting on test results and celebrating each step of restored health and healing. Please join us in praying for Ammie and her family. Check Brian and Michelle's blog (Germer4) on my sidebar for frequent updates.
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