Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall Getaway

This is our fourth night in SunRiver and we have been enjoying the sun-shine and rest. The first day was spent on the couch with a sinus-thing but I felt much better yesterday. I have been reading ... finished Grace by Richard Paul Evans. He must release his new books this time of year because it seems that I am always reading his newest book while here in October. I really liked it ... I always like his books.

I have also been spending a lot of time with the newest Digital Scrapbook magazine October-November 2008. I spent much of my morning lingering over the article "Life Online." I have found many resources/great ideas while visiting the recommended sites. I still have a third of the magazine to go through and look forward to the inspiration ahead. I really need to get a subscription for this magazine -- it's great.

Today the weather was absolutely gorgeous ... sunny blue-sky day. We went for a long walk to the village and back. It's an hour each way. I am pretty out of shape so this has pretty much wiped me out. We did enjoy a great reward for our effort -- a stop at Goody's for a Nutty 'Ol Marion" ice cream bar. It's the best ... something to look forward to each year.
We still have three days to look forward to ... what a JOY this Fall getaway is!

Btw ... it's Wallowa reservation time : )

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Missarrie said...

Karen I absolutely love your scrapbook pages! I wish I had more time to do this for my granddaughter. I have done a few and what a lot of tedious work. Thanks for share your pages.
marie marr