Thursday, April 09, 2009

Decimals ... Fractions ... Percentages ... Oh, My!

Many have asked ... where have you been????
My blog has been pretty quiet lately. I feel like I've been in another dimension ... a place where your brain is taxed to the limit ... within the pages of a MATH book.
In May I will be taking the "highly qualified" instructional assistant test in order to meet the qualifications for my position as determined by the No Child Left Behind Act. Since I feel my weakest area is math and considering that my last math class was 40 years ago ... I stopped at the public library and checked out most of the 513 section. If you are looking for any book on this subject, consider its new location on my bookshelf ... at least for the next three weeks. I have been cramming and reviewing until late at night -- then picking up where I left off solving math problems while eating breakfast before heading off to work. Math has been my world -- no scrapbooking ... no blogging ... no reading ... no FUN : )
Anyway, if you haven't heard from me, I probably have my nose stuck between the pages of a math book ... working on one story problem after another!

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