Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thirty-Seven Days

We're starting to count down DAYS until the "Best of Italy 2010" ... 37 to be exact!
Today I cleaned out the guest room closet and started pulling potential articles of clothing/accessories to set aside for packing. All the websites I've studied say to gather everything and then pack half of it! I've narrowed my color scheme to black & white while coordinating that with red and turquoise tops ... so that it doesn't get boring or colorless. I'm thinking the weather will be warm so I've packed with layering in mind. It's hard to think of everything I'll need for 16 days and still stay under the 50 lb. luggage weight limit : )
I am now down to finding the perfect -- comfortable but stylish -- shoes. Any suggestions????
We are nearly done with our bathroom/utility room remodel so now we can concentrate full-time on our exciting adventure ahead! Can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

Let's head over to Merrell for shoes, I know the BEST salesgirl there! There are shoes are really comfortable!