Thursday, October 27, 2011

What A Day For A Daydream ...

Only seems right to have another bike picture follow my last post ... only this one is 52 years later!
We enjoyed the first day of our Sunriver fall getaway. Seems like it takes one day just to unwind before enjoying our time here.
It was nice to sleep in, read a book, look through stacks of magazines ... no agenda; no schedule; no to-do list. The sky here is blue, the color palette of the fall foliage is breathtaking and the air is crisp and clean.
Late this afternoon we rode bikes to the Village Mall. It felt good to be outdoors cruising down the bike paths. The song, "What a Day for a Daydream," by the Loving Spoonful kept playing through my mind ..."Dreaming 'bout my bundle of joy. "What a perfect day! It's nearly November and I love that we still need to wear sunglasses.
From the bike path it is fun to see how things have changed since our stay last fall. The Mall has been completely remodeled, an aquatic recreation center is under construction and several homes are being remodeled or listed for sale.
This is our ninth year to enjoy a fall break in Sunriver ... enjoying the same house ... same traditions!

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