Thursday, December 29, 2011

Delivering ... Frustration

December 8th was our scheduled furniture delivery date. Walt had to take the morning off to accept delivery between 10:00 and 2:00. I had asked if they could come after 2:00 when I would be available ... the answer was a solid "NO!" So, I relieved Walt of his "shift" at 2:30 and they did not arrive until nearly 3:30 ... I started feeling a little frustrated : )
The delivery guys brought the sofa into the garage, analyzed the room, doorways etc. and said it would not fit through the door and wanted to return the sofa to the warehouse. Now I was not only frustrated but a little angry. I called the store and the clerk talked to the delivery guy. He told him to take the packaging off the sofa and move it in the room. The guy refused saying it would get damaged. The clerk got back on the phone with me and said the delivery guy wasn't even trying. I contacted Walt and he was very frustrated as he had just arrived at work and would now have to fight rush hour traffic to return home to deal with this.
The delivery guy wanted me to sign the delivery form stating I refused delivery. Now, I couldn't do that ... that would be a lie : ) because in actuality he was refusing to do his job and I would be stuck with the $80 delivery fee if he took it back. Finally he called his dispatcher and then sat in his truck. He couldn't leave until I signed the form. It was a battle of wills and I decided to make dinner and let them sit out in their cold truck!
When Walt arrived he told them to take it into the garage, unpackage it and he would help them get it in the family room. First the dispatcher said we had to sign a form stating that they would not be responsible for any woodwork or wall damage (really!?!?!) Well, with Walt's help they had it in the room within minutes. Such drama ... and frustration!
We love the new look and we are thankful to have that whole episode behind us. It's only now that we can laugh about the whole thing.

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Bruce Varney said...

At least tell us where you vought it so we don't make the mistake of shopping there? Bruce