Thursday, December 29, 2011

Well, it certainly has been awhile ...

Instead of going back to where my blog left off, I thought I would pick up around Black Friday and move forward from there. Seems like the speed of life picked up during the holidays. It took all my "reserves" to keep up with work, social events, food prep, shopping etc. but it has been so delightful to get the rest I need during the second half of my winter break in order to be ready to face the new year.
Black Friday is a fun tradition we share as a couple. We do get some shopping done but that's not our only goal. It's a taste of the season, enjoying friends and family and the beginning of the Christmas celebration.
We started our day at 5 a.m. We just can't miss the sock sale at Fred Meyer : ) and then grabbed a small, energizing breakfast. This year we were on the hunt for a new sofa for the family room. We decided to check out the sale at JC Penneys and after "test driving" each one ended up with our eye on a leather sofa ... which had not been on my consideration list. We wanted to make sure the color and size would work for that area. We then met friends for lunch at Red Robin. It was fun to see everyone after the busy Thanksgiving schedules. After running home, dropping off packages, taking measurements we drove over to meet the kids at Bridgeport for the tree lighting. It's always festive with "snow" blowing, live music and Santa's appearance. This year featured a group playing the oldies and Colin wanted to dance by the stage. He has some pretty good moves for a 7 year old ... and he's very brave to dance in front of such a large audience.
Since Penneys was open until 11pm we had just enough time to drive back over and write up the sale for the leather sofa. Well, 16 hours later ... we were ready to crash but what a fun day! Couldn't wait to see the new sofa in our family room. It has been more than 15 years with all plaid furniture.

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