Thursday, May 19, 2005

Opening Night

So much has been going on this week that I think I will have to work backward to recall so many thoughts going through my mind….
Last night I got to go to the premier showing of the new Star Wars movie. Heather won a Star Wars package (grand prize) from KINK radio and I got to share in her bounty of prizes—free movie passes. After work we raced downtown to the Channel 8 building on Jefferson to pick up the free passes and then to the Lloyd Cinema to join other lucky winners in line for the 7:00 pm showing. The line next to ours was for the midnight show and people were “camped” out with tarps, grills, camp chairs etc. It was smart to arrive prepared as it rained quite hard and often during the long wait. It was fun to “people watch” and those around us became part of our “community” for several hours. We were a little concerned when we arrived about the number of people in line but the guy in front of us assured us that the theater has 750 seats and we would have no problem getting in. We saw a few people in costume, some light-sabers and Storm Troopers (employees) who were very helpful. We, like many in line, went as ourselves!
We were able to get good seats and Heather “held the fort down” while I raced to the restroom and then got in line for the concessions. Had just enough time to eat a hot dog (even the gluten bun…oh, no!) before the show started… previews…..just jumped right into the action. Boy, it was action-packed right from the start…..if you get motion sick, you may want to bring your Dramamine along!
The movie really brought the entire series together and explained a lot about Darth Vader, Luke & Leia, etc. Since I work in an elementary school I had a hard time thinking about some of the younger students going to this movie – a lot of violence to process in rapid succession. That’s my only soapbox but only because I’m more sensitive about it from my job. It did make me realize how the “deceiver” lures you away from your community by making you doubt your relationships, through self-pity, feeling lonely, angry etc. Reminded me of how THE “Deceiver” can really shake up a Christian’s life if you listen to those thoughts. We really need to stay connected and keep abiding.
What a fun adventure that was for the middle of the work week. One guy in front of us in line was going to watch the 7pm showing; friends were holding a place for him in line since he had tickets for the midnight show. He figured he would get out about 2:30am, walk a few blocks to work, sleep at his desk for 4 hours and then work his shift at work the remainder of the day. Yawwwwnnnnnn……makes me sleepy just thinking about it…..but then again, he's much younger!
There are many more thoughts from our “whirlwind” lifestyle this week but I will have to share more later…..

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