Monday, May 23, 2005

Personal Day Off

What a glorious day.....a day off....a three day weekend before the 3-day Memorial weekend. I used one of my personal days today and I still have one more before the end of the school year. I only have one more month of work until summer break.
It was nice to sleep in, read a book, read the Sunday paper....I usually don't get to do that until Tues. afternoon! I did a little coupon clipping. cleaned out my desk, and got caught up on my filing and paperwork.
While going through my desk I found a list for putting together an Emergency Preparedness kit. Several fiction books I've read, recent articles and conversations have prompted me to consider putting something together in case of an emergency. I will now need to do a little shopping and organizing to pull it all together. Another thought is that we need one for each car in the event anything happened while we were both at work. It wouldn't be a bad idea to make a list of instructions on how to turn off the gas etc. I don't know why this has suddenly become something I want to get in order! I have just been feeling the need to get organized!
And along that line....I spent most of the remainder of my day cleaning out closets, putting together piles of clothing for a donation, one for the storage unit, another for "trash." Since my surgery almost 2 years ago I have stayed down several pant sizes smaller. I continued to hang on to the larger sizes because I never thought the weight would continue to stay off after this much time. Now my closet is orderly making it easy to find something that is the right size etc. when I'm getting ready for work in those pre-dawn hours.
This evening we had to go to church and have directory pictures taken. I think this was the 4th time we've done this at TCC and usually we have other family members with wasn't good to just have the two of us. We looked old and tired! At least with the boys there were other faces to look at and we weren't as noticeable. Oh well, I guess it saved us some $$$$ because if they had turned out well we probably would have been tempted to buy them. They must have really been bad as the sales lady didn't even try to persuade us to buy any....we'll just take the free 8x10!
Last night we had a great evening service at church called "Praise-n-Pie." We sang old hymns, modern and new songs about Heaven. Walt gave a short talk on the subject as he has been reading Randy Alcorn's book entitled."Heaven." He did such a good job. It would be nice to do a study on the subject as I don't think many dwell on Heaven much. Of course, after the service it was time for pie......mmmmmmm......I had apple. Yes, it included gluten and i loved it!!!
Speaking of gluten....I baked my first batch of gluten-free chocolate chip cookies this evening. I'll have to see what my "taste testers" think. I'll keep you posted......

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