Saturday, November 05, 2005

Maybe I’m Amazed …..

Last night we went to the McCartney Concert at the Rose Garden. We were able to buy tickets online in the spring …… thanks to Heather telling us about the presale. It sold out so quickly! We had enjoyed the 2002 concert so much that we wanted to go again.
It was fun to be a “people watcher” and take note of those who were attending. Many were my age or older … some with their adult children … some with their grandchildren … and a new generation of young fans. I only saw two people I recognized out of that huge crowd … both from the school district I work in. Our seats were great -- had a straight on view of the stage. We were the last row before the skybox seats so we didn’t have anyone behind us.
The concert started after 8 p.m. and began with the song, “The Magical Mystery Tour.” Paul played a mix of Beatle songs, those from the Wings years, and some from his new release. For a 63-year old he still has a great voice, youthful looks and enjoys what he is doing. Maybe next year he’ll have a “Will You Still Love Me When I’m 64?” tour!
One quote from Paul about aging -- "I think one of the things I like about getting older is you can free your emotions more." What kept coming to mind while I was sitting there listening to the music is that it has been 40 years since I went to my first Beatle concert at the Memorial Coliseum … wow we are getting older and we have journeyed through so many changes since then. Probably everyone has a Beatle/McCartney moment … a song lyric that takes you right back to where you were when you first heard it, or who you were with, etc. We “grew up” with these songs and performers. Later I will write more about that.
The concert didn’t end until nearly 11:30 including approximately 36 songs. You really feel you got your money’s worth going to this concert. I wonder how many more times he will tour.
On a humorous note …. It was amusing to see how many times someone got up to go to the restroom during the concert. I only made it until the 3rd song : ) One sign that we really ARE getting older …

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