Wednesday, November 30, 2005

O Christmas Tree

Like many of you, we put up our Christmas tree this weekend. No designer tree for us … no special theme or color … it wouldn’t be allowed as an entry at the “Festival of Trees” … but this year I realized our tree is a travelogue of our lives.
As I hung each ornament in just the right spot I was reminded of those who have crossed my path on the journey. There were ornaments from: our moms, our children, our friends – the Petersons, Myers, Bisbees, Gearharts, Kusses, Dehazes, from the Bunco ladies, those I’ve worked with over the years – Rosetta at the D.O., co-workers in Food Service, Kitty & Michelle plus parents at Archer Glen, Nancy my Library co-worker and those in our church family.
Each ornament tells a story … a little about each of us … where we’ve traveled for vacation over the years, our interests and hobbies, a family celebration or accomplishment. But there are yearly traditions … Coca-Cola for Walt and Barbie for Karen. Gearsdad would be jealous because I have a Harley ornament hanging on our tree! I’ll have to remember to put that one up high and out of reach! And I definitely have to keep the snowmen away from Byron … just a warning to all you snowmen collectors!
A new change for our ornament placement this year was the addition of grandbaby Colin. We’ve left soft ornaments within his reach … our tree is “Colin-ized.” We want him to enjoy grandpa & grandma’s tree and the fun and beauty of the ornaments and lights.
I think I’ll sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy all the memories of those who have journeyed with us and the joy we’ve shared as a family represented by the ornaments on our Christmas tree.


gearsdad said...

Harley you say? If I would happen to knock it off the tree and it just landed in my pocket, that would be the only Harley I would get for Christmans or any other time of the year or for years to come. I just can't seem to get gearsmom past the "over my dead body" stage. Thanks again for sharing your heart felt thoughts and memories.

Anonymous said...

We also have a "unique-to-us" kind of tree that has ornaments that symbolize somthing special about each year beginning with the year we were engaged. The year Trevor was born, though, we were too poor to buy anything for the tree so we don't have an ornament for that year; we just have the memory of how tough those years were and how God continued to provide for us. Tough times, but still good memories.

It was fun decorating our tree this year with both boys home to help and reminding ourselves of the fun memories the ornaments brought up!