Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sticker Shock

Okay …. after window shopping at some trendy clothing stores I thought I could dust off the ol’ sewing machine and create a few of the new fashions and still have change in my wallet.
I stopped by the fabric store to look at patterns and found one that looked very similar to the ready-made ones on display. BUT I nearly gasped out loud … the pattern alone was $15.95! Yikes, when did this happen?!?!?! Even at 40-50% off, the pattern alone was an investment even before you selected the fabric and notions.
Years ago I used to sew nearly everything out of necessity but I think now a good bargain-hunter/coupon clipper can find some great deals on ready-made clothing for considerably less.
I realize for some this is a hobby and a pleasure where price is not always a consideration but it may take awhile before I head back over to the pattern counter … perhaps a 75% off sale would be enticing : )
Here’s a pattern from my old archives (1971) … hmmmmm … do I see a resemblence to some of today's fashions?!?!?

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