Monday, July 31, 2006

Old Wallowa Traditions

Back during the first few Wallowa years a tradition got started with our kids. Their grandparents would give them a little spending money for a treat during the week. Their favorite shopping spot was the Marina store where they could buy what I used to call "penny candy." They could buy anything they wanted and somewhere along the line they discovered the rack with candy cigarettes. We couldn't convince them to make another choice, like Neccos or Chick-O-Stix.

While we were shopping at Mad Mary's in Joseph Brian spotted a rack of retro candy and bought a couple of packs to share with his childhood buddy and fellow cigarette candy consumer,Steve. Can't believe they still make these!
Since the kids were small the go-kart track has always been a highlight of our trip. Each one racing to pick out what they believe is the fastest car. This is still an annual event and soon we will have some third generation drivers on the road ... oh, my! In the old days the karts were pretty primitive and we did have some back and neck injuries from getting rear ended by one of the kids. Today's karts are very sleek and fast in comparison but also costs about 4 times more to ride. Doesn't matter ... it's all about the race :)

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Anonymous said...

I remember the candy cigarettes too. We use to buy them when we were kids and thought we were so cool. I agree with you-I can't believe they still sell them!