Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good Advice

When you have a chronic illness or ongoing health issues it seems everyone has some advice for you ... mostly good advice and given in love. As I was discharged from the hospital last week (after a 3-day stay) a volunteer wheeled me out to the car ... and had the best advice I've heard in a long time.
She shared that four years ago her husband passed away after more than 30 years of marriage. I would guess that she is about my age. She shared how much she missed him and all the things they used to do together. Her advice ..."don't put off something you want to do together."
It's so easy take the Scarlet O'Hara approach -- "I'll think about it/do it tomorrow" and get bogged down with projects, chores, work etc. -- putting off dreams until later. My dream has always been to go to Italy and while that isn't a good financial idea in this economy, I hope to find another avenue in making some lasting memories. I need to remind myself ... chores and projects will always be there.
As she shut the car door before we left the hospital, she reminded me to remember her advice. It's amazing the people God brings along our path with just what we need to hear at the right moment!


Cal Habig said...

You are is not just good advice, it is critically important advice. Do it. (And my fingers are pointing back at me too).

SusanNM said...

You're right! We do meet the people (& blogs) we need to in life. Unfortunately, too many times, we're not paying attention.
I turned 50 this year and have been determined to make this whole year count for special days. I know that people with Lupus tend to have more symptoms after 50 and I am not going to waste one day. My husband and I take the time to do those tedious chores together as well as make special time for each other at least a couple times a week - date night.