Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wallowa Wonderland

Since we've only been to Wallowa Lake in the summer it is hard to imagine the state park with a blanket of snow. Recently Don and Paula made a trip to the area and sent us pictures of what our annual vacation site looks like in the winter. I thought it was a great subject for experimenting with my new Photoshop Elements 6 for Mac.
It's just hard to imagine all the snow when it's sweltering hot in July!
If you've never been to northeastern Oregon, check it out here.


Paper: Matthew solid paper (1), by Andrea
Journaling Tag #6: Little Dreamer Designs, Jackie Eckles
Font: Silom, Black Boys on Mopeds, An Unfortunate Event
1875 Photo Frame


nacotaco said...

Hello Colinsgrandma! I am just cruising the blogs and came acrossed yours......I read the July 29 2005 blog and reading of your husband, I hope his health is very good now. I am also a Christian following Jesus, learning about are right about how God puts people in our path sometimes to come along side of us.....I will read more of your blog but, my 5 year old is ready for a bath......I have a blog that I write to................................. finding Joy on my journey , even with a disease is possible =]. I wish you well Colinsgrandma....nancy ps...we listen to the same music too!

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nacotaco said...

Hi Karen, I am also a grandmother, Aidan 3- and Elijah youngest daughter is also 5 so it is hard to switch roles......I feel like grandma sometimes to my 5 year old! It is very nice to meet you Karen..byebye ...nancy