Saturday, July 12, 2008

Eugenia Price

Several years ago ... way back when the boys were younger (me too!) I discovered a great series of books in our church library by Eugenia Price. I recently found another fan ... Loretta, when we were discussing books we've read and enjoyed. We both have trouble keeping each series straight so Loretta -- this blog is for both of us : ) -- especially when I'm shopping for used books for my personal collection. I have been known to buy multiple copies of the same book : (

St. Simons Trilogy
Beloved Invader 1965
New Moon Rising 1969
Lighthouse 1972

Florida Trilogy
Don Juan McQueen 1976
Maria 1978
Margaret’s Story 1980

Savannah Quartet
Savannah 1983
To See Your Face Again 1985
Before Darkness Falls 1987
Stranger In Savannah 1989

Georgia Trilogy
Bright Captivity 1991
Where Shadows Go 1993
Beauty From Ashes 1995


Loretta said...

Thanks Karen! Makes me want to read each of them again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list. I have read many of these and loved them. My mom had shared them with me. Yes! it was years ago and I agree with Loretta, I think it is time to read them again. I will check this list against the books I have in my 'library' and see which one's I am missing :)