Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Forecast ... FUN????

O.K. … after 3 days in the 90's ... this morning we woke up to cloud cover but on close inspection of the sky we actually saw thunderheads rolling in. We started securing tarps and waterproofing our campsite in anticipation of a downpour. Moments later while cooking a delicious breakfast of French toast and bacon we heard the distant sound of rolling thunder. It wasn’t long before the EVENT began. Crashing thunder rolled down the valleys, lightning snapped, drenching rain fell. Memories of 2004 came quickly to mind as my kitchen floor began to fill with water.
Colin started crying, and thinking he was afraid of the noise, we soon learned the reason for the tears. He has been so busy digging small holes in various areas of our campsite and now they were filled to the brim with water and he didn’t want to start over again : )
Each year I make it my goal to wear shorts the entire week while at Wallowa. I haven’t given up yet despite a temperature of 58 degrees : (
We are praying for a weather turn-around. The Beatles’ song, “Here Comes The Sun” keeps running through my mind. There’s still so much FUN awaiting us this week.

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Loretta said...

BRRRR! You are much more diligent than I would be. Hope it gets better for you before the week is over. It's been cool here too, but sounds like it will get warmer.