Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lab Decor

My new employment location is in the testing lab. For students, coming to this room is about as exciting as going to the dentist for a root canal.
I have been busy doing software updates, installing the new browser, auditing computers and sanitizing keyboards and mice ... getting everything in order.
One thing left up to me is the room decor. I thought it would be great to put up some inspirational 18 x 24" posters and got to work creating them in Photoshop Elements. The room now has something of interest and looks a little more warm and inviting. I still have three more to create plus a welcome banner.
I am thankful that Loretta gave me a folder of jpg stock photos a few years ago and it was the basis for finding quotes to match. I also found a great site if you need photos for a project:
This kind of got me in the mood to start scrapbooking again. BUT first ... our iMac needs more memory ... a project Walt and I need to work on together -- hopefully soon!


Loretta said...

Super job!!! These are great and I love the captions you put with the pictures. They definitely look "professionally" done. Nice way to put your skills to a very practical use. I'm sure your students will benefit from it.

meg said...

WOW! those look great!