Monday, May 09, 2011

Angry Birds ... LIVE

I have been addicted to the Angry Bird app on my iPhone ... I love playing and have nearly beat all levels including Rio and Seasons. But we have also been dealing with a live version of angry birds this spring with the attack of Flickers on our home!
One of the first signs of spring … waking up at daylight to Flickers drumming on our chimney. These birds drum to communicate/attract a mate or proclaim territory. They will return year after year to the same house and they are hard to get rid of.
After much research on the internet I found many suggestions from homeowner to pest control company strategies. Here are a few things to try:
• hang strips of Mylar foil/balloons in front of the area of activity
• hang aluminum pie pans
• staple large black rubber spiders to your siding
• scare the flicker by shouting and banging pans
• play loud rock music
• squirt water with a garden hose
• create a barrier by covering/wrapping gutter, downspout etc.
• repel flickers by applying a commerce, nontoxic spray
• plastic owls
In reviewing all the suggestions listed above my biggest concern would be ... what are the neighbors thinking about our new behavior?!?!?! We do have foil strips hanging on the south side of our house and boards nailed here and there ... already that is enough to make fellow homeowners wonder, "What in the world is going on at the corner of Siletz?"
If you have a great idea for discouraging these birds from taking over our home, please share! We are running out of patience!
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Melney said...

I think you should hang foil strips all over your siding or maybe christmas tinsle!! It would add a flair to the outside decor!! :) So when you play angry birds do you image doing it to your new bird friends?! How about the other idea of standing outside banging pots and pans, you are almost done with the school right and you got all summer to perfect a good tune!!!hahahahaha