Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Little Surprise!

During the holidays I tried to use technology to help with my Christmas shopping and to create a personal Wishlist on Amazon. You've got to love technology for this time-saving benefit.
EXCEPT ... in early January I got an email from Amazon. They keep track of what you look at so they sent me a link for a great deal on this wii product. Curious, I checked it out on the iPad. I didn't realize it was logged in to Walt's Amazon account. Anyway, there was a quick shop button so I clicked away thinking I would look it over. Hhmmm ... red flags waved in my mind. Should I be concerned?!?! I looked in my shopping cart ... empty. Whew! Nothing ordered; just "window" shopping on a Sunday afternoon. The following Thursday I pulled in the driveway and noticed a package on the front porch. Well, my first thought was that Walt must have ordered some books from his wishlist. And ... anyway ... HIS name was on the package! But as it sat on the counter I had a flashback regarding that quick shop button. No, it couldn't be ... I slit the packing tape to peek. OH, NO ... yes, it was the wii game! No books inside! Dang!
Target sells this item for $39.99 and I got it for $20.00 so I am convincing myself it was a great deal >clears throat< and guess who feels obligated to "party yourself into shape"???? Yes, that would be me!
Moral of the story ... never click the quick shop button. I'm thankful it wasn't a $200.00 item. On the other hand ... I suppose if you really wanted something it might be tempting .... hahaha. Only kidding!


Anonymous said...

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