Monday, July 16, 2007

Camp Namanu

This week I'm concentrating on cleaning out desks, closets and cupboards and I'm finding myself distracted by old photos, memorabilia, etc. I found an old envelope with all the receipts for Campfire Camp. From 1963-66 I spent summers of fun at Camp Namanu starting in Sherwood and ending in Pioneer. Camp Namanu is located about an hour from Portland near the Sandy and Bull Run rivers. Once only available to girls (when I attended) -- it is now a coed camp.
There are so many good memories ... canoeing on the pond, nature letters to Mr. Skriggleboggle, weaving & craft classes, stargazing, hiking ... so many activities packed in our week.
Mail call was always something to look forward to. I still have the letters I received while at camp in my childhood scrapbook. The first year I went it was a little sad to only get one letter and the content did not make sense. It mentioned, "Brian is now sitting in a highchair." -- the only Brian I knew was someone my age. Come to find out ... another girl at camp and I had the same name and she received all the mail sent to me! My family had written everyday!
In 1987 I took my boys to an Open House at Camp Namanu so they could "see" the stories I have shared with them about my camping experiences as a young girl. I was amazed at how small the duck pond was and the stargazing tower had always seemed so high. We walked the hiking trails I once believed to be so long, so steep etc. It's funny how things look through the eyes of a child : )
I've included pictures of the boys from that fun day. Brian was the same age as when I first went to camp.I noticed on their website that they still hold open houses. It would be fun to go back again. Maybe this time my camper buddy, Paula can join me!

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Tim said...

wow, I just read this! I had no idea you post this photo...we are reaaaaaly young!