Friday, July 06, 2007

Fabulous Fourth

Our holidays are steeped in tradition and the Fourth is no exception.
Since the mid-eighties we have celebrated the Fourth at Lewisville Park in Battleground followed by fireworks at Ft. Vancouver. We have the timing and plan down to a science – perfected over the years. BUT … this year we had to “readjust” our plans and go with the flow!
Everything seemed in place … wonderful weather, two cars packed with family members, BBQs, coolers and all the essentials for a fabulous Fourth. As we approached the exit for the park, we realized we would be facing Plan B this year. Cars lined the highway shoulder in both directions and there was a slow moving line at the entrance of the park. Due to overwhelming demand, only those with reservations would be admitted. After making a big u-turn and sitting in the nearby Safeway parking lot …hot, tired and clueless about an alternate park plan ... we finally decided to try Battleground Lake State Park. Even though the sign stated the parking lot was full we patiently waited -- a very short time -- for an opening. We found a great shady spot to BBQ and enjoyed an amazing meal. I remember a previous visit to this lake the summer I was pregnant with Brian – 30 years ago : )
Near dusk we headed to Vancouver to watch the fireworks and as always … Plan A worked out. As we spread our blankets and got settled, I heard someone calling my name. Sitting right behind us was the entire Dooms family –minus Cathy. What a delight it was to visit with them and meet all their grandchildren. We seem to keep crossing paths with Dennis and Brenda (from our youth group-now in their late 30s. I’m feeling old!) … but it’s usually at Original Taco House.
We enjoyed a wonderful family day and learned a few lessons along the way --
flexibility: characterized by a ready capability to adapt to new, different, or changing requirements.

Sometimes Plan B is a better plan!

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Anonymous said...

So glad your plan B worked out! Sounds like you had an awesome time! Oh, and I love Calleighs outfit!! :) :)