Tuesday, July 03, 2007


We left Sunday on our thirty-third anniversary getaway to Cannon Beach. I believe this is our third year in a row to spend time down here -- two at the Inn at Cannon Beach and one at a "spiritual retreat" cabin we bid on at an auction. We loved the time we had there too ... very small, no TV, no phone ... a great place for R & R -- to unwind.
I am sitting on our deck that overlooks the garden area. The skies are blue, temperatures are warm and there's a hint of a breeze. Life is good : )
We're packing up and getting ready to spend the day on the beach before heading home. It has been a great to spend time with my best and dearest friend! I am so thankful for the thirty-three year "journey" and all the joy, ups and downs, etc. we've shared on the "road."

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