Thursday, March 12, 2009

Totally Girl Weekend

What a fun beach getaway we had several weekends ago. The weather was perfect for a walk on the beach Saturday ... warm and no breeze. It was hard to believe is was the end of February.
There are usually many activities included in our stay ... good food, good talks, good movies and this time we added "beading therapy" led by Shelley. We each made a bracelet with one common bead and check out how many looks came from each "jewelry artisan." (Mine is second one on the right) What patience Shelley possesses ... she crimped every bracelet ... and we each made more than one!
It was time for a much needed "retreat" ... it was nice not having a schedule, staying in jammies most of the morning and just hanging out. What a blessing it was to spend time with such fabulous friends.


melissa said...

Karen sounds wonderful! I want one of those. You have some pretty great friends. Many that I look up to. Glad you could have a good weekend away!!

Anonymous said...

Yes! it was a GREAT weekend! 'Sisters' are a very special part of life. Can't wait until next time :)


p.s. I told Shelley she needs to share her "7 minute card" class that she took at the Scrapbook Convention :)

Anonymous said...

This is time I look forward to every year! My Sisters refresh my spirit!! I Love you ALL!!