Monday, March 02, 2009

Wii Are Having Fun!

Last weekend we had the opportunity to share in many new "firsts." Donna & Pierre took us to a Junior Hockey League game to watch their nephew, CJ play for the Jaguar's. And I was not disappointed watching my first hockey game. There were bodies slamming against the plexi-glass, sticks flying and even a fight where masks, pads, and gloves flew and so did fists! Wow ... what entertainment.
Then came the real competition for the evening ... playing Wii Sports and Wii Fit @ the Dehaze arena. Since this was a new experience for me ... it was also very entertaining for my teammates and spectators. There were plenty of "belly laughs" and many "you can do its." Probably the event I enjoyed most was bowling -- perhaps because my score was much higher than when I am at the alley. Although, had you been a "screen" spectator you would probably be wearing a neck brace as I kept releasing the ball behind me into the crowd. Same with tennis ... many little green balls smacking over the spectator seating area leaving injury and mayhem behind.
I think Wii Fit would be a great motivation to exercise ... but could end up stacked next to the elliptical. It's the same as a gym membership ... I'm a great card-carrying member / make the payments but my enthusiasm dwindles after a few visits. Hhhmmm ... but the Wii might be different -- something to consider.
What a great evening ... those Dehazes know how to have fun. But next time I'm bringing my workout clothes!

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