Monday, March 23, 2009

A Weekend of Fun and Games

My Spring Break started out with a fun-filled weekend.
Friday night was Girl's Wii Night at Heather's. We enjoyed a salad buffet and got plenty of exercise while bowling, boxing and playing tennis. I have to admit that my shoulder was a little sore the next morning after working hard at a boxing knock out. I think it's an age thing! Maybe there should be a warning/caution on the box ... "those in their 50's must play at their own risk."
We spent Saturday night with the Dehaze's. After grabbing a bite to eat we settled down for an evening of ScrutinEYES -The Game of Closer Looks. We bought this game in the early 90's while shopping at one of those Fred Meyer Black Friday sales ... I think we paid $4.00 for it. Anyway, after opening it for Christmas it found a home in our game cupboard while we spent years going from one soccer field to another. Since the Dehazes bought it at the same sale and actually PLAYED the game, we decided to open the brand-new box and give it a try. Oh my, is it ever FUN! I can't believe we let it sit in a cupboard for nearly 15 years.

Using picture cards you need to find/list as many objects in an area of the picture that begin with an assigned letter of the alphabet within a one-minute time period. The lower portion of the "S" card has over 1,000 objects that begin with the letter "S." You can look for hours and not find all the answers. There's just one catch ... if your answer matches our opponent's, you don't score. I can't believe we ignored this fun entertainment for so many years.
AND ... to top off our evening the Dehazes brought a bakery box filled with desserts from St. Honore's. Life is GOOD : ) Thank you, friends for such a fun evening.
Oh, but the weekend filled with fun and games continued. Check back for the next post -- our Sunday Family Game Day. Who needs to travel for Spring Break??? I have amazing friends and family right in my own backyard.

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Anonymous said...

I've never heard of the game or the bakery. Both sound fun to try....

Do you want some pictures from Friday night? Or a cute little boxing video?