Friday, August 07, 2009

More Finds

Today I was scheduled to report for Jury duty in our county. I left nearly an hour before I was expected to sign in. I took the back roads, got lost due to road detours, went the wrong way down a one-way street : ( , and forgot to put the parking sign in my car before I left the parking garage. To top it off my shoes set off the security alarms. The least I can say is that I was stressed and a few minutes late. I am just not familiar with this part of the county and NEVER travel there! What a frustrating morning ...
After the orientation and spending another hour reading it was announced that we were all excused due to changes in the four trials scheduled for the day. I was happy ... it was nice to return to my summer break schedule and not have to worry about returning next week.

As I left, I decided to spend some time shopping, taking advantage of the opportunity to browse through a few stores in the area that I never get a chance to shop in. I went through Craft Warehouse and then over to the Cornell Goodwill. Wow! I hit the jackpot again this week ... just what I was looking for ... a Black & Decker rice/veggie steamer. Ours went out this spring after more than 10 years use and Matt let us use his -- a "loaner." The one I bought today is in new condition and I'm wondering if it was ever used. I also found two sweaters, one from Banana Republic, and more glassware. I love it when I find deals : )
Even though the day started out harried and stressful I returned home happy and content!


meg said...

nice finds I found a few thing today at garage sales but nothing as exciting as your finds.

Matt said...

Oh no... the "loaner" is making its way back to me???

Anonymous said...

It could make its way to Grammy's place if you really don't want it and if it doesn't make 30 cups of rice.