Wednesday, August 26, 2009


People have asked if I've been sick since I haven't posted anything in over two weeks. No, I've been fine ... just enjoyed a "last of summer break" routine. Kinda of a "blah"-ger these last few weeks.
Last night was a "girls night out" and it was scheduled at the perfect time ... my last evening before heading back to work. What a great way to celebrate the end of my summer break.
Fiddler on the Roof was a special treat. I've seen the movie many times and know several of the songs by heart ... but it was something about seeing it LIVE ... and something about seeing it at a different season of life and relating to it in a different way. It is the story of survival, through tradition and JOYfulness, in a life of uncertainty ... it is the story of a father's attempt to maintain his family and religious traditions while outside influences invade their lives. Even though the story takes place more than a century earlier ... it is relevant to the same issues and choices today.
I got home at midnight and it was hard to face a first day on a new job with so little sleep ... but I knew I was backed with prayer and support from family and friends to help me get through the day. AND it was a great first day! I think I need more "girls nights out" and definitely need to go to more plays/musicals!


meg said...

I say we make the theater trips a "tradition" :)

Anonymous said...

I saw this Friday night - it was so fabulous! It is my very favorite musical. I love the humor and music. I would love to do a play with you anytime!!!