Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Photo Album Warning!

I am probably writing this to Baby Boomers or to those who may have inherited magnetic photo albums from relatives from that generation . I found a little history on these albums from the internet ...
"These were made from a thick paper stock and coated with glue strips. There was a Mylar plastic covering both sides of this stock and it was claimed that this was a good way to preserve photographs. After being on the market for about fifteen years, conservators recognized that the glue being used had a very high acidic content. So much so, that after only ten to fifteen years in storage, new photographs were starting to show signs of deterioration. The acid was eating through the backs of the photographs and the Mylar was sealing in the acidic fumes causing a deterioration on the image side as well."
My summer project during the heat wave has been to scan hundreds of photos from our first year of marriage. We put them in magnetic photo albums during the 70's and I could not believe the damage ... many were permanently adhered to the album page and could not be removed without ruining them. Several were discolored from years in this type of album. What a mess! I tried using every method possible for removing them in one piece.
I have been working for days ... scanning, color correcting, cropping to save the best parts of the pictures ... and I only have 92 finished : ( It's very sad to see such a special time in life ... ruined.
Anyway, if you have precious memories stored in this type of album, find time to archive them before they are permanently damaged. It will be a good investment!

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