Saturday, October 03, 2009

Flu Season

Friends have commented that when they see big gaps between posts they are worried that I am sick. Well ... that is exactly the reason this week. I went from having allergy symptoms ... to getting a flu shot ... to being very sick. I had to leave work Wednesday and stayed home Thursday and Friday. I have had quite the "laundry list" of symptoms! I went to Urgent Care Thursday and the Dr. gave me an antibiotic for a sinus-eye infection and that has helped. I have spent many days on the couch reading and sleeping. I did try to read the blogs I subscribe to but the ones featuring food and recipes made me ill to look at.
I have had many disappointing cancellations ... a long awaited Rheumatology appt., our 35th anniversary photo shoot, our Friday night dinner date with friends, and the annual Englewood reunion. Even though I am sad to miss so many fun events, I'm sure all appreciate that I have kept my germs to myself : )
I guess this is the first "welcome back" to school bug of the season but with my new schedule ... sad to say ... I think this may become a more common lifestyle until June.
On the road to restored health ....

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Loretta said...

I'm so sorry you've missed so many things, especially the photo shoot. Please take it easy and keep resting. Hopefully you'll feel better and can go back to work Monday.
I'm sending prayers with a hug.