Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Anniversary TCC

Sunday we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Tigard Christian Church. Since we have only been members for 20 years, it was fun to journey back over the adventure of breaking ground for the new church in 1959 and all the lives that were impacted by this body of believers on Hall and Omara. It was fun to spend the day with pastors and members from the past ... to see children who have grown to adulthood ... to reminisce about where we've been. But it was also a day to look forward to where we are headed.
Leroy Lawson, founding pastor of this small church, shared the message today. He encouraged us, as we are in the process of searching for a new pastor, to make this church one your grandkids want to come to. So often we get "stuck" and find it hard to change ... we stick with OUR likes, OUR ways ... "this is how we did it back then." I checked our website and the sermon hasn't been uploaded yet, but I would encourage you to check back soon and listen to this great message.
Happy Anniversary TCC ... for 50 years you have been a shining light in the Tigard community.

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Becky said...

You really summarized the day well. I was struck by those same thoughts also. Thanks for posting the link for others.