Friday, September 18, 2009

Two-Page Designs

Up until this point all of my digital layouts have been one-pager designs. I am finding more and more two-page templates online to download so I thought I would give it a try. While creating a layout for our 2006 Sunriver Thanksgiving trip I found this family photo to be the perfect fit for cropping. I completed the layout in a 24x12 format and cropped it to a 12x12-left and a 12x12-right.

The crop lined up perfectly between Tim's shoulder so no one was cut in half. I enjoyed working with this layout format ... but maybe it's because I like these photos so much. What great family memories from that trip.
I have all remaining 2006 photos organized in folders by date/topic waiting for a layout design, then sent online to Costco for printing, ... and finally into my album. Because of digital scrapbooking I think I will be able to fit an entire year in one album where before it took at least 2 ... maybe 3 to hold a year full of memories.
It has been fun to once again "experience" the JOY of the 2006 family events ... good memories ... but I am still determined to get caught up!
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