Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Went with the Wind

O.K. ... so ...
I hardly EVER buy myself a Barbie. I usually receive them as gifts. BUT I stopped by Tuesday Morning after work one day and saw this 50th Anniversary Bob Mackie in-the-box Barbie and I had to add her to my collection. Why?!?!?!?!
  • I am reading Gone with the Wind right now
  • I love a bargain (it was a great price!)
  • I loved this Carol Burnett variety show episode
  • I am a Barbie collector
  • I survived my first week of school with students!
However, she may be the last in my collection for a while due to lack of display space. I think we need to create a Barbie "museum" someplace in our home. She's crowding us out : )
She is cute though ... don't you agree!


Loretta said...

She IS cute and it makes much more sense to see her. :) Thanks for posting the picture and enjoy the rest of the book!!

meg said...

You could turn the guest room into a barbie room. They even have really cute "vintage" type barbie bedding at pottery barn kids. Just an idea :)