Saturday, October 27, 2012

An Inviting Entrance

The last area of the kitchen remodel included painting our entryway. The walls are too tall for me to reach so this was a project both of us needed to be involved in. Once you start painting this area of the house there is no stopping. It includes the lower level entry as well.
We took down the lace curtains in the sidelight windows and since then I have not had time to sew replacements. We are kind of getting used to it ... it seems much larger and much brighter. We may leave it that way for awhile. However, I do not care to have solicitors at my door with the ability to have such a great view inside. Perhaps in November when I have more time off I will come up with something I like for that area. For now ... it's just not happenin'.
I am a bargain hunter by nature ... I love to seek out bargains on craigslist, Goodwill, thrift stores. The best buy of this entire project came with finding our entryway lighting fixture at ReStore in Beaverton. Well, it was actually "good news; bad news" ... we found the fixture we were planning to buy at Globe Lighting for almost $200 and there it was at ReStore for $35. The bad news ... next to it was our dining light fixture that we had installed a month earlier for the same price. Yikes! Kind of made me ill. But I was rejoicing all the way home with this new found beauty! I love this store and will continue to drop in now and then. It's one of those places you need to visit often.
Since the deck is now visible from the entryway ... it led to another project -staining the deck and handrails. We had to do this before the weather changed and we picked the last nice weekend in October. As I always say ... if you give a mouse a cookie ... : )

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