Saturday, October 27, 2012

Reflecting Back ... Finishing Touches

August brought a month of finishing touches and a glimpse of a finished home remodeling project.
If the house wasn't torn up enough, I decided to paint and change-up the grandkids' playroom (see previous post). If you give a mouse a cookie ...
Between weddings, BBQs, parties etc. August was dedicated to getting the flooring finished. This project was not only physically draining but mentally as well. Selecting the right sized board, the right color ... it was like a giant jigsaw puzzle. We were so thankful for Flooring 101 instructions from Pierre.
We decided to go with cream colored subway tile for the backsplash. I wanted something timeless and simple. We both made many trips to various Home Depots in order to have enough inventory for the job. It must be very popular right now!
While Walt worked on tiling I spent an entire day with crowbar and hammer in hand pulling up the sub-floor in our long hallway. What a workout that was ... who needs a gym membership! Meanwhile, Walt cut tile on the upper deck to save steps to the kitchen. With the tile saw using water he was soaked after several cuts. No problem ... he just changed into his swim trunks and kept going.  Our electrician stopped by to work on the electrical while we were working away. When he saw the truck filled with particle board and the hallway torn up, he said we were now officially crazy! He's probably right : )
When we realized I would be heading back to work earlier than expected we asked our plumber to install all of the appliances. What would have taken us an entire weekend ... he had it finished in a matter of hours. We picked out a Bosch dishwasher -it's so quiet that the only way you know it's on is by a red light displayed on the floor when it's running. The garbage disposal is the quietest one available. The faucet is a Delta Touch 2O and we are LOVING the convenience in using it. It always seems to fascinate our guests. We also selected a deep black granite undermount sink and this has been one of the most surprising kitchen favorites.
We officially moved in to our new kitchen Labor Day weekend making our project timeline three months in the making. I'm so thankful we tackled this long overdue dream during my summer break. It would have taken double the time if I had been working.
We are L O V I N G this new living space. The first few weeks I felt like I was in someone else's home or a vacation rental. I didn't have my bearings at first ... I kept opening drawers when the silverware used to be etc ... and still do on occasion : )
This was definitely a taxing experience. Perhaps it should come with a warning: consult physician before attempting a remodel in your "fall season of life." We are so thankful for family and friends who walked through this with us ... giving a hand, providing a meal, keeping us in your prayers! I'm sure the restaurants in Tualatin have missed seeing us at dinner time : )

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