Saturday, October 27, 2012

Reflecting Back ... Let's Get Started

Our fall SunRiver vacation is always a great time to "get away from it all" and allows for time to get to things that easily get bumped off the to-do list at home. We have been running at such a busy pace since spring so it has been nice to sit back and reflect on where life has taken us.
Memorial day weekend we demo'd our kitchen with the help of family. There was an abundance of flying sheetrock, particle board piles, appliances, cupboards and countertops, etc. making its way to the dumpster. Everyone got a turn to destroy the wall between the kitchen and dining room. It was very therapeutic! You only see these events on HGTV but to actually swing a hammer ... you just have to experience it. We even added some drawings to give the kids a better aim.
It was a long, exhausting day. The next morning I tiptoed into the "kitchen" to peek at the new look. You're either shocked and ask yourself, "What have we done?" or you are delighted with the outcome. I was thrilled with what I saw ... with the wall down there was natural light filling the entire room and it was nice to dream of what it would look like when completed.
While demoing the kitchen I noticed our main bathroom plumbing from the kitchen side. An idea slipped through my tongue and before I realized it Walt took the wall and studs down between the kitchen and bathroom. It was our only opportunity to remove the aging tub surround and move a jacuzzi tub in from the kitchen side. Cha-ching ... our first change order of the project. One thing always seems to lead to another!
And, this my friends, was only the beginning ...


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