Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hoop De Do ... Done

Another closed chapter on the journey ... the family basketball hoop.
So many memories and countless hours under the backboard in the driveway ... the sound of dribbling, swishing net, boy-laughter. Sweet memories for the whole family. But, as each boy left home, the hoop started looking neglected ... rusty, worn backboard, missing net ... not great curb appeal.

Matt spent some vacation time last month digging around the post but eventually it required a jackhammer to remove the excess concrete in order to lift it out of the ground. We had one last parting shot before taking it down and suddenly I realized how quickly time passes.
The hoop went up when Matt was starting first grade and now he is nearly 23! How did those years pass by so quickly???
Now we have a new generation of players ... starting with a grandson. I think this time around we'll opt for the easier route ... a portable hoop. There are uncles, grandpa and dad waiting to relive those days of dribble, shoot, swish ... and grandma will be cheering you from the sidelines! Tip-off ....

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