Wednesday, March 01, 2006

“Laughter doeth good like medicine” …

President’s Day weekend 9 gals from our Bunco group traveled down to the beach for a weekend getaway. Our time was filled with eating, shopping, playing games … and, no –we did not play one game of Bunco during the entire 3 days!
I went down not feeling too well – a sinus thing and completely exhausted. Once I picked Donna up and got on the road I felt energized and ready to have fun.
Upon our arrival we found the lake to have whitecap waves, extremely strong wind and arctic temperatures. But that didn’t stop our fun … we had a wonderful dinner at the Wildflower Grill and returned to play games. While sitting in a glassed-in sunroom overlooking the lake the power went out twice. We all just sat in our seats and screamed. You couldn’t see anything in front of you … pitch black. Did we prepare ourselves with flashlights, candles etc? No … just squeals!
We played two new games … new to me that is … Left Center Right dice game and Five Crowns card game. Many times we laughed til our sides hurt! I think this was the healing part for me. Berne also made me a home remedy for my sinuses, which worked amazingly well. The recipe is: water, fresh lemon juice, honey and cayenne pepper – a remarkable cure!
The shopping was fantastic … amazing holiday bargains. We always have “show and tell” when we get back to the house which usually sends a few shoppers back to the outlet mall to pick up things they hadn’t noticed the first trip : )
I have been playing Bunco with this group on the 3rd Tuesday of each month now for over 15 years. We have an age span of nearly 25 years, come from different backgrounds, and may not have crossed paths had it not been for Bunco. They’re not only a fun group but also very caring and supportive friends. We have shared in births, deaths, empty-nests, illnesses, career changes … the things of life ... and I am very thankful to have met them on the journey.
I can’t say I felt physically better after the getaway – I did have to go on antibiotics the next week due to a bad sinus infection – but spending time with these guys was good medicine for the soul!

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