Thursday, August 14, 2008

On the Path ...

I took this photo on our hike with Colin while camping at Wallowa. I wanted to capture a picture for a layout and since I have been reading Proverbs this summer I had something in mind. It was fun getting a little creative with fonts and trying something new.
Tuesday we decided to hike after the thunderstorm had passed through. The warm sunshine gave us the motivation to get on the trail. We headed up the Mt. Joseph trail with the bridge as our destination. We stopped at a viewpoint to see an elevated view of the lake, ate snacks while sitting on the bridge and had the pleasure of watching the horses pass by on the trail. We counted them ...17. We had front row "seats" as we made room for them to go by. Colin did great on the trail but he was a little concerned on the way down about the "monsters" in the woods. We stopped for ice cream on the way back to camp ... a great reward for reaching our goal. The temperatures had elevated to the "swimming" zone so it was down to the lake to cool off.
A precious day ....

Fonts: Bambino, CK Ali's Writing, Cooper Black, Diesel, Artistamp Medium, Bloktype, Pea Lacy Chunky, American Typewriter, Pea Jenny Script
Overlay: NRJ Freebie Inked Edges

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Anonymous said...

Sweet pictures--good memories.