Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Week of Wallowa ...

We snapped 830 photos while at Wallowa this year ... wow, that will fill an entire scrapbook album : ) ... and out of all those photos I think there were 3 of us together. I will need to make note for next year -- take more pictures of us as a couple.
Once the storm cleared we had amazing weather the rest of the week. I reached my goal ... wearing shorts all week. BUT Chris wins the prize by wearing shorts and a short sleeve t-shirt even when the temps dipped in the evening ... bbbrrrr!
During the week we took Colin on a nice hike to the bridge on the Mt. Joseph trail, enjoyed the rodeo, Rae & I sharing our birthdays (on the 24th) together for the first time, drifting on my floatie -- just enjoying the mountain view. It's a great group and we had an awesome time spending the week with everyone. The Bible says, "Laughter doeth good like medicine" and after a few fireside chats over at the Myers site ... I think we were all healed of whatever ailed us : )
This year it took seven shots to get a group photo ... we even had to "photoshop" Brad in since he was in the shower for our photo session. You'd never know by the photo ... good job Walt!

We're already busy planning next year's trip. While packing up and leaving at the end of our week, Colin said he wanted to "stay forever" and I have to say I agree with him. For us Wallowa is like "coming home."

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