Saturday, December 13, 2008

Photo-a-Day December 13

This was the spot where Colin spent a lot of time during his visit here. This morning we were making blueberry pancakes for breakfast and we were suddenly alarmed by loud crying from the front room. Through crying and tears we finally understood what had happened ... "Baby Jesus ... hurt my toe!" Oops! Just a little accident but it was hard to figure out what happened when he told us the first time!
On another note ... after the kids left we went over to Urgent Care. I have had a sinus-thing for over five weeks and I finally gave up on treating it myself and got a prescription for antibiotics. We did miss the staff Christmas party tonight but I wasn't exactly in the "party" mood. Even my teeth hurt : (
I'm in my jammies and heading downstairs to enjoy the warmth of the fireplace ... a cup of tea in hand.

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Anonymous said...

You just couldn't get through December without an ER visit, eh? Thankfully this year was only a sinus infection.