Sunday, December 07, 2008

Photo-a-Day December 7

What would Christmas be without a visit to Santa??? ... sitting on his lap, having a photo taken, and letting him know just what special toy you would like him to bring you.
From the picture you can tell this was taken in the late 50's. We visited Santa at Lipman's Department store, also famous for the Cinnamon Bear. I remember -way back then- that a visit downtown required that you dress in your Sunday best and as you can see I even brought a purse. There was so much to see and experience downtown ... windows dressed with magical holiday themes, riding an elevator with an attendant calling out each floor, stores decked out in tinsel and bright colors, and finally a bus ride home.
On this particular visit I seem a bit timid but engaging in conversation -- unlike some photos I've seen where I am at a younger age -- tears are falling and I look a afraid : )
I hope you'll share your favorite Santa visit ...


Anonymous said...

I can see Calleigh in that sweet face--love the picture.

Missarrie said...

I love your photo a day; it inspires me to blog more often. I sort of don't because I am not sure anyone reads it. I do find it a stress reliever though. Not sure it would be if I committed to a photo a day.
Merry Christmas,