Friday, December 19, 2008

Photo-a-Day December 19

O.K. ... I have to admit I was a tad bit disappointed that school was canceled today. I love the last day at school before the Winter break. Everyone is excited for Christmas and looking forward to the time off. Since they didn't make the announcement the evening before I packed and organized everything to go back to work after having four days off. I expected maybe a 2-hour delay but this morning I found all schools in our county (and most of the Metro area) closed.
Well, I made the most of the day ... including a pedicure and manicure, read, took a nap, whipped us some cookie dough -- Chocolate Crackles, my favorite ... Rae's too, and put in some time on my knitting project. I do believe I will have it completed in a matter of rows : )
This has been quite an unexpected vacation, however, I will notice it in June when we make up the time in our contract!

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Anonymous said...

you amaze me how much you can get done in 1 day....

BTW, what font do you use on your pictures? I love it and would like to know what it is.