Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Cruisin ...

I never thought I would enjoy a cruise. ... I tend to get motion sick and it always seemed like a crowded, confining vacation.
But once we were on board, we were "hooked." In my mind I could not imagine the massive size and elegance of the ship before boarding. We spent the first afternoon just exploring every area -- inside and out.
We cruised down to San Diego the first night and arrived to strong winds canceling many of the port activities. After missing the Catalina stop we enjoyed a Sea Day and relief from swells and seasickness. I was so thankful I had a prescription patch to wear ... never got seasick. To describe how rough the swells were ... I had to hold on to the hand bar in the shower to keep my balance ... the boat was rocking and rolling! Many of our fellow cruisers were too sick to come to dinner that evening and the staff was kept busy cleaning the carpets etc.
This 4-day cruise was a good endurance test! We definitely want to go again ...

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