Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Spring Break Road Trip

Life has been moving at a whirlwind pace since we returned from our cruise.
We hit the road as soon as school let out the Friday before Spring Break and headed down I-5 south in a rented van, passports in hand (a long story !), suitcases packed and much anticipation of a new adventure. It has been years since we've enjoyed a road trip together. Except for the high gas prices, it was a fun and relaxing vacation.
Since most of our past travels to California have always been in the summer, it was nice to see the terrain during the spring. All of those golden hills were lush green and the temperatures were mildly pleasant.
As we traveled to the Bay area we felt carefree listening to a book on tape ... I "knit-and purled" the miles away trying to get Calleigh's baby blanket completed before we returned home.

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