Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Kennedy 40

What an awesome day ... our 40-year grade school reunion turned out great. It was fun decorating the room with memorabilia -- I kept so many things from my childhood ... even had my 8th-grade graduation dress on display ... a yellow polka-dot tent dress. Anyone remember those?!?!
We met in Mrs. Stanley's second grade classroom (our school is now a McMenamins.) What fun -- to watch each person walk through the door ... many squeals and hugs. Some were surprises -- we didn't know if they were going to attend or not. One of the nicest surprises was our 8th grade teacher and his wife. As a new teacher, we were his first class and we attended his wedding the summer following our graduation. They brought pictures of us posing with the bride and groom, decorating their car, etc. Many fun memories!

With only a few hours available we reminisced about old school stories and classmates, took a group photo, toured our school building and shared where life has taken us over the last 40 years.
It was fun reconnecting with old friends and classmates. We definitely want to do this again. Maybe in 2009 ... The Summer of 42.

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