Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Remember ... A Change In Weather

After a refreshing nap we were ready for dinner. Our group was scheduled for an optional excursion, "Introduction to Rome by Night" and since we had spent three days on our own in Rome we decided to give dining close to the hotel a try. We took the elevator down and started for the door only to see that it was pouring down rain! Fortunately, we had packed a small umbrella and lightweight jackets. Without this we would have been soaked just crossing the street! It was amusing to see street vendors, who only hours ago were hawking plastic umbrellas for protection from the sun, had now switched to umbrellas for the rain. They are always so prepared for a sale!
We chose the closest restaurant to our hotel and were thrilled with the service and our meal. Our waiter helped us with our selection and said he knew just what we would like ... and we were not disappointed. Delicious salad, bread, wine, pizza and gelato. At the end of our meal the rain had eased giving us an opportunity to tour the area before dark.
Looking forward to our trip to the Pompeii-Sorrento area tomorrow ...

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