Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Remember ... Our First Glimpse of Venice

We were nearing Venice and those who did not sign up for the optional excursion were dropped off at the hotel. The rest of us filled two water taxis, vaporettos and cruised the Grand Canal, Venice's "main street" for an evening of ... "Venetian Magic."

It truly was magic entering this floating city through the canal. The canal is two miles long, nearly 150 feet wide and about 15 feet deep. Our cameras and iPhones were documenting everything ... the palaces, the Rialto Bridge, the boats, the dazzling colors, the people ... it is an amazing place.
We were dropped off near St. Mark's Square to enjoy a Gondola ride through the smaller canals.

We were treated to Italian champagne while musicians and singers entertained us. Seven gondolas awaited our group and we shared the fifth gondola with Bill and his daughter, Marcia. We drifted out to the Grand Canal where they serenaded our group.

Before departing Venice we spent some time in St. Mark's Square. Our first impression was that is was a little dirty and there were so many pigeons ... a little creepy if you aren't fond of them.

We took pictures in the square before leaving and reminded ourselves that we still have an entire day in Venice tomorrow.

We returned to our hotel room (the furnishings reminded us so much of Ikea) and enjoyed a nice dinner. Telly told us we would have an opportunity to sleep in the following morning ... we will not leave until 8:00 a.m. : )
Another exciting and wonderful day!

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