Monday, June 27, 2011

I Remember ... Sorrento and Positano

We were back on the road and heading toward Sorrento ... our "home" for the next two days. Sorrento is the gateway for the Amalfi Coast. I couldn't wait to get there since a co-worker, who traveled to this area last year, said it was her favorite. She said if she could return, this area would be where she wanted to spend her entire vacation. I was not disappointed.
Our tour bus climbed steep winding hills to the top and there stood a beautiful hotel, Johanna Park. It was quaint and welcoming ... exactly what I had in mind. The only problem ... out of our entire group we were not booked for a room. No worries -- it all worked out. However, we had a back view of the olive grove and the front rooms had a gorgeous view. We unpacked and got ready for our optional excursion to Positano.

Our trip along the Amalfi Coast was long with many winding roads ... the views were breathtaking! The water was so blue, the city below so colorful and there were many boats bobbing on the water. Now I see why this area was Heidi's favorite. We reached Positano at 4:00 PM and only had a short time to explore.

There were so many narrow alleyways, abundant flowers hanging everywhere, lemons the size of grapefruit, cafes, clothing stores and a nice beach/harbor with pebbly rocks. We did a little shopping for souvenirs and even had a chance to dip our feet in the Mediterranean.

This place just shouts, "Paradise!" when you arrive. This is definitely one place I would love to return to!

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